At LaTooth NYC, we are driven by being a part of a greater purpose. We want to make a lasting change in the lives of our patients. It works for us so we use this same model to incentivize our patients. We have partnered with the not-for-profit organization Portalove, Inc. and Hope Education Project, Inc. at our practice. A portion of every procedure is donated to these wonderful organizations that are both focused on education and treatment in refugee camps around the world. At every follow-up appointment, if your oral hygiene has improved or remained the same, we double that donation. By maintaining your smile you can help create another for someone less fortunate. To read more about our partners and to get in touch with us for more information about partnering with us, check out the links below.




Hope Education Project, Inc.

The Hope Education Project was created in an effort to address the educational and cultural integration challenges refugee children and their parents face upon arriving to America. Their goals include:
1. Integrate newcomers through English language development  
2. Educate American society about the experiences of these a families in an effort to break down stereotypes  
3. Nurture the relationship between immigrants and Americans in our community



Portalove, Inc.

Portalove, Inc. is an NGO that strives to create and maintain smiles both literally and emotionally in areas of distress. This is done literally through dental treatment and preventative education and emotionally through support of hopeful and happy art. 




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