Have You Ever Wondered Why Vampires’ Teeth Always Look So Clean?

HINT: It’s not because they use Crest white strips….

The real (well ‘real’) answer is all about the blood drinking (and that they come to LaTooth NYC obviously :D)

Do vampires shop for Crest vampire product line? Sensodyne White: Vampire Strength ? Listerine Blood Stain Removal?

Our patients asked jokingly, and Dr. Lattouf paused with intrigue (as she always does with curiosity and excitement). Here’s what she had to say:

Vampires probably have EXCELLENT teeth! All the blood drinking creates more saliva in the mouth, which breaks down the enzymes that lead to cavity causing bacteria! No wonder their canines are always so pearly white!

Should blood swishing be the new oil pulling??? And as my 22 year old patient would say, “Weird flex, but ok.”

Happy Halloween from LaTooth NYC! Enjoy your candy and don’t forget to swish with water after each treat.