Smile Science

Smile Science: Swish and Floss

Smile Pro Tip of The Day: End every sip/ bite with a swish of water.


Let’s be real, we don’t all carry floss and toothbrushes around with us all day (yet :) ), so here’s a quick solution to keep your teeth cavity free: end each bite/ sip with a swish of regular old H2O!

Water swishing rinses the sugary residue off your teeth, and stimulates salivary flow. So not only is it removing the sugary remnants, it stimulates saliva aka your bodies natural defense against bacteria causing cavities.

And, of course, when you get to your floss (which should be in your pockettttttt, but we will work on that), end your day with a nice #socialfloss session. Everything is more fun in groups. Floss with your roommates, your significant other, your coworkers, fellow NYC subway folk, etc. It’s like working out, better with company!

Smile Science: We have Ancient Egypt to thank for toothbrushes!

We all know the Ancient Egyptians were innovative. I mean, the pyramids, hieroglyphs, paper and more. But did you know, they also invented tooth brushes and breath mints?!

This toothbrush probably stung your gums!

This toothbrush probably stung your gums!

According to ScoopEmpire, the Egyptians were the first to use toothbrushes and toothpaste made from eggshells and ox hooves! All this somewhere around 5,000 BCE. They also invented breath mints, which were pellets made out of cinnamon, myrrh, frankincense and honey.

Check out the article and other Egyptian firsts here.

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